stop! tweeting that boring stuff3-pola copy

Creating awareness is the lifeblood for any product or brand.

we don’t call you a company because that’s only the place that makes the stuff. It’s the brand that wants all the attention.

Creating anything without meaning or engagement isn’t going to work and you will start to kill off your our own customers. You will bore them  to death and damage your brand.


What kind of impression are you making on them?

What impression did Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, leave for himself wanting to create The Nobel Peace prize. 


Why do they care is the biggest question you should be asking.

Think of it like this. We don’t care that you make big pipes but we care that you bring fresh drinking water to tsunami survivors.

There are many very clever ways to use technology to reach your audience that we can help you navigate, install and customize but all of that could be wasted if we don’t talk about the engagement process once we reach them.


“Just to remind you that we are the creative process that has been missing in your solutions”

Let’s look at this in more detail……