Content Consultation
Social Media Ad campaign set up and creation
Viral campaign distribution
Media awareness of campaigns
Measurable ROI

Social Media Integration on your website
Custom Social Media Pages and Account set–up for all Social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
Built in Sharing -“Like” & “Tweet” buttons are fully integrated throughout your content.
Built-in RSS feeds let fans subscribe to your updates.
Ability to automatically publish on Face Book, Twitter and other Social Media sites with one post.


People are sharing a lot of information every minute of the day through social media, emails and occasionally face to face. If  you are able to  listen to what your customers and target audience are talking about, what matters to them you will eventually be able to engage in a meaningful conversation. Once you develop this relationship, you want to keep them loyal to your brand and make them understand how your product or service might be something they want or need. The key is contributing to a conversation they are already having within their social network and share content that they will find useful and inspiring.

The statistics illustrate the importance of social media and the potential impact social media could have on your company’s website traffic, leads, and sales. By strategically planning your social media campaigns your business can utilize social media platforms to develop your online reach, tell your story and share your content. Social Media gives you the opportunity to engage with your target audience in online conversations where they are spending so much of their time. People refer to social media sites to learn information about new products as well as offer feedback on their personal experiences.  By creating valuable content and sharing it  on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pin Interest or other social media sites you can begin to interact with your customers and introduce them to your products and services.

We offer complete integration of social media platforms on your website and mobile website and can customize and build all of your social media accounts and pages with streamlined design, calls to action, ad campaigns and guide you in  producing creative content. The key is keeping this content fresh and interacting with your target audience.

Social media is about consistent and real time engagement that doesn’t have to take you away from building your business. Tweets and posts can be scheduled, your marketing and communications department can manage the conversation, and a great deal of imagination can be used to get your customers talking about your product. Once this integration is created social media presents a tremendous opportunity to market effectively but with little overhead. Social media can benefit your company and we help you determine how it can benefit specific aspects of your business as well. Identifying business goals that are important to business growth help you target your social media campaigns so you are successful.

Here are a few facts from our friends at AdAge.