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Banking & Securities  We understand the importance of security, usability and access to information that needs to be achieved with your business. When building sites for your industry we are knowledgeable about FINRA requirements, new accounts forms, certificate forms and your compliance needs.

Creative Industry  In your business it is so important to be able to show the creativity of your work through imagery and design complimented by the right message to your target customers. We have expertise in incorporating graphics, imagery, film and functionality into your site so that not only does the web site  showcase your work it encourages your target audience to engage with what you do.

Film & Entertainment  We know that you are always in different stages of development with your projects and when designing for your industry we make sure that you have the right information and tools to get interest in your project, we create trailers and offer creative direction to build the identity of the film through the website. We also provide you with the tools to update the status of your projects simply as the films progress from pre-production to distribution.

School & Universities Building websites that speak to the students, staff and families through design and functionality is essential. For educational institutions a website is not only a sales tool for attracting new families but an everyday tool to find out about events, check grades and apply for various programs within the school. The website acts as a home away from school where everyone can connect. We build your site to fit your everyday needs and make sure it can grow with you for the future.

Legal & Institutions  The message and information you need to convey is very important so that your clients trust you and feel confident with the services that you offer. We make sure this message is strong and direct through the website design, brand identity and technical development.

Retail- E-commerce  Your customer is the most important person to you and we know that your website must be engaging, easy to use and showcase your brand identity quickly. We make sure that your e-commerce solution is one that has great functionality so that you don’t have to worry about orders, low stock, shipping or mailing lists and you can get on with growing your business. We are able to automate all of your everyday tasks through your shopping cart so that it is seamless for you and your customers. We also integrate social media into your site so that your customers can share with one another about your products services.

Independent Professionals  Your profession is your life and making certain that the vision you want your audience to see is showcased with great design and functionality is our primary concern.  We work with you on the imagery , text and the back end functionality like setting up mailing lists, email blasts , social media integration and blogs.

Television and Film  The identity of your film or television project on your website is key to bringing in viewers and potentially investors to your project. We work with you on key art, trailers, web site functionality and incorporating everything about your film into the website. We build social media integration so your viewers can share and talk about your project and you can collect valuable data on who is viewing your website.

Charity & NGO’s  Making sure that your supporters and potential supporters can easily navigate your website to donate to your cause, share your message over social media and feel the need to help your organization reach its’ goals is the key to success. We work with you to tell your story in a clear concise way and  create tools for you and your supporters to raise funds with our customized mobile applications that are linked into your donation e-commerce and your website. Your power is connecting with as many supporters as possible and we make this happen through great design and functionality. 

See Examples of Multimedia Campaigns. >>>>