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We build organizations customized cost effective mobile giving platforms allowing you to raise money through text message donations. Supporters of your cause send ONE text KEYWORD to pledge their donation to ONE number like 72727. Your supporters can pledge any amount they wish or you can set fixed amounts for them to donate. Once you create a campaign, you can drive awareness to that keyword and text number via print, radio, television, online and social media advertising.

Every event you have receives a unique text id that they can broadcast live at the event so that your supporters can immediately punch the number into their cell phone to make a donation. Mobile donations are made via a text message and during campaigns you can push donation options to your supporters to encourage donations.

This could not be simpler for your donors to get involved.



Try our test Now: Text 72727 with keyword:- MOBILE GIVING

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The unique ID is linked to the event organizers branded page so they can see how much they are raising at live fundraising events such as galas, marathons etc.. This will allow the organizer to broadcast at the event the donations they have raised so far and encourage donors to continue to donate to reach their goals and targets. Thus increasing the donation amounts considerably.

We link the secured donation page to an e-commerce shopping cart that will take all credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Pay Pal and Discover and payment will link to your merchant account in a secured environment thus eliminating the restrictions on amounts supporters can pledge and cell phone companies strict rules for collecting donations.

We create a page within the mobile application as well as your main website that explains to event organizers and individual supporters how to utilize and access the online donation page and the mobile giving application. To include branded pages where supporters can sign up to receive alerts of fundraising activities and a call to action to donate.

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