When your target audience views your website, views your print and film campaigns, engages with your online advertising campaigns , mobile website etc. they are making an instant decision on the credibility of your company and what level of trust they will have based on the visual imagery and typography.  This is your chance to create a specific reality that will influence your prospective customer that evokes an emotional response. Your vision will have an incredible impact whether your customer utilizes your products and services and plays a larger role in your  branding across all platforms from web to mobile, print and television. Using relevant visuals to reinforce textual content will help deliver your message, increase engagement and drive online conversions.

Ashley Jone of TURE BLOOD

For every new campaign, new promotion, new product launch, new imagery should be created. From the budget stage, to defining the vision for the imagery, to the wire framing of the pages of the website and the mobile application including print and online advertising we work with you to achieve the desired outcome for your visual identity.

An effective campaign is going to interest of the viewer across all aspects of your marketing materials and continue to intrigue them as they explore further into your print and online promotions. The combination of website architecture and design, print and film campaigns, paired with engaging content and imagery, dictates the experience of your customer and their interpretation of your message and brand positioning. This is ‘visual storytelling’ at it’s best and brings the focus to the importance of powerful imagery.

With our over 20 years experience in film and photography we put together the best creative team to bring your vision to life. Whether you are seeking a full visual branding campaign across all media or you just need it for certain sectors of your marketing we can work with you on creating the most effective imagery to communicate your message throughout multiple platforms.

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Art Direction for Visual Identity
Create Original Imagery
Create original commercial spots for television and the web
Create original online viral videos
Source Stock Imagery /Footage
Production services
Media placement
Media Distribution

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A selection of european commercials from one of our more funnier directors