Continued Support

After your site is built and your web site has gone live there are always things that can happen where you may need some extra help. Maybe there is a feature that you now need to add to bring more customers to your business,  you may need a more customized back end system as your company grows or you may want to build a dedicated mobile app for your business. Whatever it is a website is a beginning and something that you keep enhancing and perfecting as you learn more about your customers and your target audience. So for continued support we are always available at our standard hourly rate if you need an immediate fix or addition, have an emergency situation or just want to do periodic updates.

We will assess what you need and can give you an estimate of how many hours it will take to complete the work and if you find you need more dedicated service on a regular basis feel free to take a look at our webmaster services and we can be at your beck and call for a certain number of hours a month but a lot more cost effective then hiring an employee.