There are many great ways to use mobile m-commerce for your business solutions. The thing to remember is that a mobile user is an instantaneous user. They have the power in their hand right now! Its very important to remember what this mobile computer is capable of. Its perfect for charity donations, quick new business drivers like Text to Win, compulsive purchase items, advertising inquires Text for more information, coupons drives to bring customers back customers. Lets go over a few here.

M-commerce transaction


GPS MOBILE CUSTOMERSWe build mobile applications that create the opportunity to encourage more mobile shoppers to purchase products and services from your business. Delivering a text-message (SMS) right to current and potential customers at exactly the right moment, giving them a link to a mobile website/app right on the text itself, and that link takes them right to a shopping page where they can instantly check-out with their purchase after inputting the credit or debit card is mCommerce.

Mobile sites are preferred for shopping: 81% of users prefer them to apps for researching product and price information,  63% prefer them for purchasing a product and 95% of smartphone users looked up local information, and of those, 61% called and 59% visited the business.

Your customers want the same sort of browsing and buying experience on the m-commerce application as if they were on the main site so we design the application so that customers are able to find the exact same products and the same product availability as on the parent site, as well as the same access to specials on products.

ebay-one-second-sales-on-mobileWe also make sure full product specs are available, with quality photos included and the checkout process is streamlined for mobile users in mind. Checkout should be smooth and pain-free where there are only a few steps to take to complete their purchase.

We build your m-commerce application to allow users look through products quickly, so they can find what they want fast. A small issue you might think but how many mobile sites have you been to that really suck. Simplicity is key with mobile applications as they have to work smoothly across all device and platforms.



Products search and browsingAirline mobile ticketing
High quality images of products
Product Reviews
Notifications on product updates, specials and discounts
Coupons for immediate use
Social Media Sharing
Shopping Cart Checkout on the mobile device
Mobile SEO
Full back-end user control panel.



With predictions that mobile internet usage will account for as much as half of all web traffic by 2014, it’s imperative that companies implement mobile SEO best practices for their websites.

Mobile SEO exists on a different plane to desktop SEO. Of course keywords are critical – search engines will always operate on what is fed into them – but other, newer dimensions such as location, device types and content formats are more critical to and indicative of the mobile web experience, and search engines are beginning to figure out how best to harness them.

Your users are accessing the web using a small keypad, predominantly with one hand and often using a standard phone keypad with predictive text capabilities. This tends to make a difference to their patience thresholds, and makes SEO, usability and ‘findability’ critical to your mobile marketing efforts. We build your mobile website so that your SEO efforts are a success. If you already have a mobile website and are looking only for SEO we will make sure that your mobile site is optimized for the best results.


According to Google’s research, the average query on Mobile Search is 15 characters long, but takes roughly 30 key presses and approximately 40 seconds to enter. This means that search engines don’t have a lot to work with when tasked with providing the user with an experience that roughly equates to the quality of desktop search. 
One way in which Google and others are compensating for this lack of keyword action is by providing what’s known as ‘predictive search’ (or ‘predictive phrase/query suggestions’) in order to help users complete their queries more easily and to help them deliver more relevant search results.

But from a technical point of view, this new functionality presents a new SEO opportunity. Just as you might try to identify a set of keyword categories to align yourself with in the desktop web, it’s now extremely important to place yourself in the most common ‘predictive search phrases’ that are related to your business and location.

Good mobile SEO takes traditional SEO to the next level in terms of content and code production standards. You need to make your site easily accessible, readable and understandable to a new style of search engine crawler – one that’s even more obsessed with quality and compliance. So if you’re serious about your mobile users and developing a mobile SEO strategy, we can create a supierior, standards-compliant site so that you get the most from your mobile SEO efforts.